Made By Realtors For Realtors

Focus 1st LLC was created by Tim DeLeon to help him sell real estate and better serve his customers. He still sells real estate to this day. Everyone that is part of the company either has sold real estate or is married to a Realtor. This means we understand what a Realtor needs and more importantly how to serve a customer. We use this first hand knowledge to make the Visual Pricing System better and keep you pricing accurate and fast!

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Tim DeLeon – Founder and Programmer

Tim entered Real Estate following a 25 year career at Hewlett – Packard developing software products. He found that he loved Real Estate but that there was no software out their to really help a person accurately price a home then show a customer why. Embracing the motto of “Showing is better than telling!” Tim created Scattergram Pricing. Soon after he created the Neighborhood Buying Patterns and the rest of the tools that now make up the Visual Pricing System.

Using the tools to create success in his own Real Estate career, Tim is now helping thousands of Realtors across the nation by providing quality tools that help price homes accurately, quickly and show your expertise.

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Joanne DeLeon – Founder

Joanne DeLeon is a top producing Realtor in the Northern Colorado Area. She has been selling for 16 years and become a master in customer relationship based selling. Joanne has done this by doing one thing well, providing excellent service. When Joanne saw the tools her husband had made she jumped at the chance to provide even more value to her clients. Knowing how much the tools helped her, Joanne decided she wanted to spread the news. Joanne and Tim formed Focus 1st LLC and have been helping Realtors ever since.

In 2015 and again in 2016 Joanne has been named a Top 100 Realtor in Colorado and a top 1000 in the United States by Real Trends. Joanne was recognized in the Wall Street Journal as a Top 1000 in the United States, and has beaming customers sending referrals because of the knowledge she has been able to show them. Showing is better than telling.


Art Gamez – Support Specialist

Art Gamez spent 26 years in the Army where he learned how to analyze and solve problems in a quick and convenient way. He has joined Focus 1st LLC and is now providing excellent support for Realtors using the tools. Art has an MBA and high level training in communications. His wife, Jen Gamez, is a successful Realtor in Northern Colorado.

Focus 1st LLC is happy to have such a talented and dedicated man helping take care of our customers. We are dedicated to service and have taken care to only let the best help our subscribers.


Jonathan DeLeon – Idea Generation and Marketing

Jonathan DeLeon is the youngest son of Joanne and Tim. Following graduation from Colorado State University’s business college he joined Focus 1ST LLC to help the company grow and automate. Jonathan spent a year selling Real Estate to better understand the life and process. In that year he sold a high number of homes and mastered the pricing and presentation using the Visual Pricing System. His unique use of the tools enlightened Focus 1ST to a whole different aspect to pricing.

Jonathan is an acclaimed fiction writer and book designer. He is using these skills to build the next generation of Focus 1ST LLC tools, training and teaching resources. His work will help Realtors master the tools and grow their Real Estate success to new heights.




Realtors know their area better than anyone else.

Customers deserve customized information.

Showing is better than telling.

Realtors want to provide the best service to clients.

The best tools simplify life and provide more value.