Just A Few Of The Many

We at Focus 1st have had the amazing opportunity to work with, learn from and witness the success of some the coolest and most dedicated Real Estate Professionals on the planet. Below are three stories of how we were lucky enough to be a small part of some of those exact peoples lives and business stories.


Larry Kendall, Founder of the Group Inc & Ninja SeLling Inc | Author of Ninja Selling

Larry Kendall started working in Real Estate over 40 years ago. He has been highly successful in managing Realtors and training Real Estate professionals among many other roles. He is the founder of The Group Inc in Northern Colorado which boasts 200+ agents, as well as the founder of the training company, Ninja Selling Inc. Larry is one of those people, that when they talk you listen. So when he met with Tim and learned about The Visual Pricing System and was in love with it, you knew it was something special.

Larry began using The Visual Pricing System's graphs to teach pricing to Realtors across the nation and Canada and the results followed. Realtors understood how to price using the five factors of pricing and began to see even more success. Combining the tools with The Ninja Selling process of relationship based referral generation led to escalated results for all.

Larry also recently released the Ninja Selling Book and feature the tools in it. Thanks to Larry the tools are spreading and about to create their own success stories, like they did for Eric Dennis.

Eric Dennis, RE/Max First

"I had a lot of troubles getting listings for the 12 and half or 13 years, I was primarily a buyers agent and I got the occasional listings. I took Focus 1st and through Ninja and my listing ratios went up from... 365%. I basically went from 8 listings and went to 35 listings... this year they all sold."

This is the kind of story that drives us forward. We are so thankful that we get to hear testimonies like this nearly every day!


Joanne DeLeon, Realtor The Group Inc | Top 100 Realtors in Colorado 2015/2016 | CoFounder of Focus 1st LLC

Joanne DeLeon is a top producing Realtor in the Northern Colorado Area. She has been selling for 16 years and become a master in customer relationship based selling. Joanne has done this by doing one thing well, providing excellent service.

About 10 years ago Joanne saw the tools her husband had made. Tim was showing her a pricing presentation he had done for a client who was selling a home. When he finished, or really, in the middle of his explanation she stopped him and asked the all important question, "Where are you getting these graphs from?" Tim answered plainly, "I made them." She had only one response, "Can you make them for me?" Soon after Tim had begun working to automate, in part, his graphing process. Joanne took these tools and started blowing away her clients, one after one. She jumped at the chance to provide even more value to her clients. Her business began to grow by leaps and bounds. She was soon so busy she was getting noticed by her colleagues. Some asked what her secret was. Joanne told them the truth, hard work, Ninja Selling Inc follow up and the graphs. People started to ask how to get them.

Knowing how much the tools helped her, Joanne decided she wanted to spread the news. Joanne and Tim formed Focus 1st LLC and have been helping Realtors ever since.

In 2015 and again in 2016 Joanne has been named a Top 100 Realtor in Colorado and a top 1000 in the United States by Real Trends. Joanne was recognized in the Wall Street Journal as a Top 1000 in the United States, and has beaming customers sending referrals because of the knowledge she has been able to show them.

Showing is better than telling.


Eric Hoien, Hoien Realty - Spirit Lake, Iowa

“I use it with sellers. I use it with buyers. I’ve used it with appraisers. It really makes excellent sense of what the market is.”