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The Visual Pricing System - Monthly Subscription

$25 Monthly Recurring Payments

If you want to keep you overhead low and still get this amazing software product this monthly payment option may work best for you! This recurring payment is kept cost effective for those who would prefer to pay in smaller chunks rather than the full $250 per year. As we are constantly updating and improving the program you will still be kept alert of when new downloads and graphs are available. Click above to start your subscription now.


The Visual Pricing System - Annual Subscription

$250 Annual Payment

If you are a high producing real estate agent who knows you will make use of this time saving and performance enhancing pricing and presentation software you can save $50 by paying once a year. If you are ready to make this commitment for the next year and see how much you can really master Visual Pricing and grow your business click above. This charge is annually recurring and you will be sent emails to remind when your next charge is about to come up. 


Visual Pricing For Real EState

Tim DeLeon, creator of the massively popular real estate pricing tool, The Visual Pricing System, and Jonathan R DeLeon have created an easy, simple to understand book that teaches a new, visual approach to pricing homes.


Visual Pricing Script Cards

The Visual Pricing Script Cards high quality cards consisting of 40 individual cards which are full of scripts that can be used when presenting the Visual Pricing Graphs.  Additionally you will find process cards with hints on how to best select data for your market analysis, and a couple of cards to point you to help on the focus 1st site. Take these cards with you, to practice often. 

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Wake Up Money easy Investment Analysis Software

Wake-Up Money Investments is a great tool to use with your customers who want to evaluate and compare investment purchases.

In addition, you receive the Wake-Up Money spreadsheet which allows you to input the investment scenarios of various properties and then compute the different return on investment results to show your customers their potential returns. The spreadsheet can be customized with your Realtor® information and then provided to your customers. It's a great tool to use for first time and current investors.