Real Estate Reviews, The Powerful Tool of Veteran Realtors and Your Next Success!


REal Estate Reviews dos and donts


  • Make Contact with Customer or Prospect First
  • Present them in person
  • Make them Visual
  • Make it Fun!
  • Ask them for anyone else they know who would want a review


  • Send it without prior contact
  • Do it without prior contact and consent (waste of time)
  • Don't just tell them a number
  • Spend that much time doing it
  • Drone on and on


Using the visual pricing system to streamline the process

In the video and webinar clip you see the Visual Pricing System used mainly to help show, in a way that can be understood, the value of the home. There is another benefit to using The Visual Pricing System. IT MAKES IT SO MUCH FASTER!

In a previous video you can see here we priced a home in 10 minutes. Ten minutes is more than you need to prepare a Real Estate Review with The Visual Pricing System. That kind of efficiency is king!