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Art Gamez spent 26 years in the Army where he learned how to analyze and solve problems in a quick and convenient way. He has joined Focus 1st LLC and is now providing excellent support for Realtors using the tools. Art has an MBA and high level training in communications. His wife, Jen Gamez, is a successful Realtor in Northern Colorado.



Priscilla Strasser - Support Member

Worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of WI for 35 years prior to retiring in 2017.  Held various management positions within customer service, claims, & billing support.  Currently living in Glendale, AZ with her husband John, and not missing those bitter cold & snowy winters in WI!  Currently working part-time as a Contractor for Focus1st, LLC in a support role.  In this role, Priscilla has thoroughly enjoyed the direct customer contact on a daily basis. 

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Although we strive to make the program as glitch free as possible we know there will be an issue here and there. Please contact us if you need help. Email is the preferred medium as we can get back to you with a complete answer usually within 24 hours. There may be occasions when you need help asap. We try and answer or call back all your calls, however if you call and don't get through please email us as well as leaving a voicemail so can make sure and get you the help you need. 

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