What Is The Visual Pricing System?

Why Should You Care?

The Visual pricing system is...

The Visual Pricing System for Realtors is a set of “visual tools” to help the Realtor® determine the customer experience when selling their home. The Realtor® uses his MLS to search for comparable properties and/or specific neighborhood(s) that match that of the customers. The Realtor® may pick and choose the properties if need be, and then export the results from his MLS. Then using the Visual Pricing for Realtors Application, several graphs are automatically generated based on the data provided by the Realtor®. These graphs are based on provided key answers to customer questions.

As you create these charts, and share them with your customers, they will acknowledge you as their neighborhood and Real Estate expert. You will help them understand and set realistic expectations for their real estate experience.

Used By:

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How It works

You as a Realtor make a search in your MLS system and export the results. The Visual Pricing System uses this information to create neighborhood/area pattern graphs automatically and allows you to create pricing graphs that accurately finds the value of your subject property. Print these graphs and put them into a CMA template and you're ready to the the Visual Pricing Scripts to present to customers.

The Visual Pricing System is available in two different subscription plans. The monthly plan for those Realtors looking to keep monthly costs low and an annual payment for those Realtors ready to make a full year commitment to using Visual Pricing to grow their business.


$250 Cost Annually

          $25 Charged Monthly                      OR